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How can I see which DLLs included in Windows contain icons?

When compiling a program, you can choose to use one or more .rc file(s) in the “Resources” tab in the compiler options. The result of GetLastError after I try LoadImage for my icon from my resource on XP is 1813, or ERROR_RESOURCE_TYPE_NOT_FOUND.

  • I’m not sure what the difference is between building resource DLLs in VS2010 with VS2010 tools and building them in VS2012 with VS2010 tools, but there is one.
  • If none of these methods are successful, you may need to repair or reinstall your operating system.
  • Of course, if you are not sure which one is the best method, you can try them one by one until the issue is resolved successfully.
  • Type “command prompt” into the Windows 11 desktop search tool, right click the Command Prompt app and select the Run as administrator option from the context menu.
  • Windows 10 offers the “Reset this PC” feature to help you resolve system issues by resetting your computer to factory settings.

This post will show you the Windows 10 USB tool for ISO to USB. Just use the arrow keys to highlight this option and press Enter on your keyboard to run Startup Repair. But if you cannot see this option (just like the first picture), how can you do this job? When seeing the Windows 7 error recovery interface, the first thing you can do is to use the arrow keys to choose Start Windows Normally.

Proven Ways to Fix Corrupted AVI Files

Please keep reading the following steps to solve this issue. After executing this command successfully, exit the elevated Command Prompt. Then restart your computer and run the sfc /scannow command again to check whether this issue is solved. After this process is finished, you can restart your computer to check whether this issue is solved and try to run sfc /scannow again. MiniTool Partition Wizard, a professional partition management software, boasts many powerful features such as rebuild MBR, and check the file system. More important, users can enter WinPE to perform these features by creating a USB bootable disc or CD/DVD bootable disc when Windows fails to boot. Then your computer will enter into Safe Mode, and you can input sfc /scannow command in the search box again to check whether this problem still exists.

As a command-line tool, Windows File Recovery is certainly trickier to use than a traditional GUI application. But if you know the steps and are comfortable working at the command prompt, you can use this utility to revive a file that seems to be permanently gone. One reason you get an error while resetting your PC is that the recent changes made to your PC are incorrect. You can fix that by rolling back your changes using Windows’ System Restore tool. This tool restores your system to a restore point created in the past, undoing your changes. When you get the above error, Microsoft recommends that you fix your local Windows image file.

what are dll files in c#

Changing your video format from AVI to another can be a great solution to play your damaged video. All you need is to follow a few steps given below. In this post, we show you what to do about the FFMPEG.dll is missing error in Windows 10/11. Applications and games are developed using DLL files. Therefore, if the error persists after replacing the Windows DLL files, you can try replacing the application or game DLL files. Find the antivirus software, right-click it and select Uninstall.

Windows 8 and 10 allow you to create a USB recovery drive or burn a recovery disc, whichever you prefer. You can try resetting the Microsoft Store from Settings to check whether the error code disappears. If the Catastrophic Failure has occurred when copying files/folders on your Windows 11/10 device, it’s likely caused by missing system files or broken system registry structures. This is a critical sign of an unstable system that is typically caused by improper maintenance of the computer.

They were developed to reduce the amount of code an application needs to produce necessary features such as audio and graphics rendering. Even though DLL files come with Windows components, if they become corrupted, you can automatically download them by installing VC runtime. The 0xc00007b error primarily occurs due to corrupted or missing Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files, which the application requires to work properly. Corrupted DLL files can be caused by malware or third-party antivirus software, as DLL files are loaded into RAM to produce graphics, audio, and other functionalities. Consequently, when the DLL files consume a large amount of RAM usage, the antivirus software may corrupt them to reduce memory usage. If you have installed other third-party antivirus programs, you can try uninstalling them temporarily and check if it can resolve your problem. To uninstall the antivirus program, just follow the steps below.

If this works, it means that your keyboard is the problem. Make sure your keyboard is turned on/properly connected and that you’re using the right shortcuts. If all that fails, you may be able to contact the app vendor and request a copy of an individual DLL file.

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